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The Library is a collection of resources commissioned by the coalition and partner organisations from the wider network.


Berlin Event Report

A summary of the Berlin climate justice and digital rights event from October 2022 that brought together practitioners and funders to deepen a collective understanding of the issue’s context and co-create a shared action-oriented agenda on four deep dives: policy and advocacy, climate mis- and disinformation, open practices, and standards and governance.

Katrin Fritsch

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Branch Magazine: Green Screen

In this multilingual edition, you will find different perspectives that critique technocapitalism, and envision pathways for just transition to sustainable and equitable infrastructures.

Katrin Fritsch, Fieke Jansen, Maya Richman, Katherine Waters



Landscape Research

Our collection of commissioned research, including a foundational landscape assessment by The Engine Room, that frames the key issues that are facing digital rights funders.

The Engine Room, Business for Social Responsibility, Association for Progressive Communication, Open Environmental Data Project & Open Climate

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This space will showcase an evergrowing list of resources related to the intersection, some commissioned by the coalition and others from partnered organisations. This is a living space that will include new reports and research as the coalition grows.

Fund image

resourceA timely resource to guide funders in using a climate justice lens

Julie Broome

researchBuilding Power: The Potential of Digital Rights & Climate Justice Movement Collaboration

Sharon Lungo, Heather Milton-Lightening

reportDown with Data Centres: Developing Critical Policy

Fieke Jansen, Corinne Cath

researchEqualizing access to climate change information and digital tools for rural Mayan communities

PhD/Dre. Rub(én) Solís Mecalco

researchFictions and Frictions: Identifying Bridges, Tensions and Possible Coalitions towards Environmental Justice and Digital Rights

Kuirme collective

reflectionFunders Convening on Climate Justice and Digital Rights

Michelle Thorne

reflectionLong Live the Jungle!

Paz Peña

reflectionSolidarity not Solutionism: Wayfinding Just Paths for Digital Infrastructure that Serves the Planet

Becky Kazansky, shawna finnegan, Maja Romano

reflectionTakeaways From Our Community Call On Intersections Between Data & Digital Rights And Social Justice

Barbara Paes, Joshua Sehoole, Quito Tsui

researchThe Climate Crisis is a Digital Rights Crisis: Exploring the Civil-Society Framing of Two Intersecting Disasters

Fieke Jansen, Merve Gülmez, Becky Kazansky, Narmine Abou Bakari, Claire Fernandez, Harriet Kingaby, Jan Tobias Mühlberg

resourceThe Green Web Library: A Collection of Resources about a Just and Sustainable Internet

Katrin Fritsch

researchThe Politics of Data Centers

Fieke Jansen

researchUndersea cables in Africa: The new frontiers of digital colonialism

Esther Mwema, Abeba Birhane