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Catalyst Fund: Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered before you apply for the Catalyst Fund. (Last updated: October 26, 2023)

Can individuals apply for these grants?

Yes. Choose “Individual” in the question of applicant type.

We are not registered as a (not-for-profit) organisation. Can we still apply?

Yes. Please see which scenario applies to you.

  1. If you do not have a legal entity, you can apply as an individual for the Spark grant totalling 10.000 USD.
  2. If you or your group has a tax status that is not an NGO, you can apply for the Spark grant totalling 10.000 USD OR the Seed grant totalling 20.000 USD.
  3. If you or your group wants to use a Fiscal Host, you can apply for the Spark grant totalling 10.000 USD, the Seed grant totalling 20.000 USD, and the Build grant totalling 40.000 USD.

Our organization type is not specifically mentioned in the eligibility criteria. Can we still apply?

Only individuals and not-for-profit organizations are eligible for funding via this grant opportunity. If you are unsure whether you qualify or if your case is context-specific, please reach out to us at

We have multiple projects that fit your criteria well. Would you consider multiple applications from the same organization?

Yes, we will consider separate applications from the same individual/ organization/ network/ collaborative. You would, however, need to submit each project as a separate application in Fluxx. Kindly also be aware that it is highly unlikely that we will give more than one grant to any one applicant, including larger institutions.

What do we mean by majority territory, global north and Indigenous nations?

We use the term majority territory to refer to those communities, locations, countries and regions that are disproportionately impacted by environmental and climate harms that result from extractive industries, colonial practices, and oppressive policies that originate from and profit a few located in the Global North. The Global North refers to those nations and actors that benefit from these harms and oppressive policies, as there is no state-based wealth accumulation in the Global North that comes without these extractive industries described above. Global North doesn’t refer to a strictly geographic north.

We use the term ‘Indigenous nations’ and ‘Indigenous Peoples’ to acknowledge the political rights asserted in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the rights they hold via internationally recognised agreements with nation-states.

Is there any geographical restriction? For example, is it OK to apply from the EU - or are the global north countries discouraged from applying?

The only restriction we have is that we are prohibited from funding entities subject to sanctions by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control. We welcome proposals globally as long as they address the context-specific needs of the region.

Can funds be used to support indirect costs of a project?

Yes, but not all applicants are eligible to include indirect costs. Please see Mozilla’s Indirect Cost Policy for details.

Are salaries considered a direct cost?

Yes. Direct costs are expenses directly attributable to the specific project/activity described in your application. Generally, direct costs would not be incurred if the proposed scope of work did not exist. Direct costs may include staff salaries, contractors or consultants.

Are there any activities you are prohibited from funding?

Funding cannot be used to support:

  • Projects that are unrelated to the focus of this call for proposals
  • Political campaigns and lobbying activities
  • Projects that provide personal monetary gain (beyond reasonable compensation for time spent working on the project; eg salaries and wages)
  • Religious proselytizing
  • Promotion of violence
  • Entities subject to sanctions by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control

Why is the granting period only one year? I have a multi-year project, can I still apply?

Given our current constraints, the granting period has to be one year or shorter. We want to make sure that grantee’s time and work gets properly compensated, hence the one-year period for such a small grant mechanism. You can still apply for the Catalyst Fund to support a sub-project of your multi-year project, as long as it is within the one year timeline.

Given the purpose of the Catalyst Fund, it is not possible to receive grants from us for multiple years. We understand that sometimes during a project unexpected delays can cause the project to run longer than anticipated - in those cases we will consider no-cost extensions on a case by case basis.

What are the criteria for the three tiers?

There are two criteria that determine which tier you can apply for:

  1. Spark and Seed are for smaller, early stage and experimental projects, while collaboration and prior experience weigh heavier in our evaluation for the Build tier.
  2. Applying as an individual, network or collective will also determine which tier you can apply for.

Please check the eligibility criteria and the tier description in the open call. We may recommend applicants move up or down a tier depending on the status and development stage of applications. If you have any questions, please join one of our Q&A sessions.

English is not my native language. Can I submit my application in a language other than English?

Our ability to support multiple languages in the application and grant process is limited due to internal constraints. At the moment the application process is in English only.

We encourage the use of translation support to complete applications because we recognize that English is not a primary language for many people. Applications are reviewed for conceptual strength, not quality of language. We also offer a space in the application for you to let us know if a translation tool was used to complete the application. We ask this in order to support reviewers to read the application based on how it was prepared.Your application will not be downgraded if you submit it as a translation.

Note that projects and outputs can be in local languages and do not have to be in English.

My organization is partnering with other organizations(s) for the proposed project. How should we submit our application?

The organization identified as the primary applicant should submit the application, indicating in your application who your partners are, how the partners collaborate and how the grant will be distributed between partners. If funded, award payments will only be made to one applicant organization/individual with whom a grant agreement will be signed. This applicant will be programmatically and fiscally responsible for the grant. We may request documentation on your collaboration.

If accepted, when would my grant start?

The grant start date would be in February 2024.

Will I get feedback if my concept note isn’t chosen?

Depending on the volume of the applications that we receive, we may be able to provide lightweight feedback to each applicant. We will inform the applicants about this once the open call window closes.

Will I receive feedback and guidance if I’m invited to submit a full proposal?

We will give some general guidance to each invited full proposal with some specific recommendations of what to expand on in the full proposal stage. The full proposal is around 2 pages and is based on the previous answers for the concept note, with additional detail added. Please see the How to apply section.

What is Fluxx?

Fluxx is a grants management platform used by Mozilla to manage its grantmaking.

Who should I contact if I need assistance with Fluxx?

If you need help using Fluxx, please contact

What are the application questions?

You can find the application questions in Fluxx, or you can download this pdf file with application questions and the Call for Proposal.

Are citations expected in the Concept Note?

We do not require citations, but we encourage you to credit other people’s work properly by including links or titles.

Can I edit or save my Concept Note or Full Application?

For the Letter of Intent: You will not be able to save and return to the Concept Note. We recommend that you draft your responses on a separate document and paste them into the application form when you are ready to submit.

For the Full Application: Yes, but the information you submit will not auto-save. Therefore, always save your draft using the ‘Save’ button at the top before returning to the main page or exiting Fluxx. This ensures that you can return to continue editing. Only click the Submit button when the page is complete. Once you click submit, you will no longer be able to edit. All submissions are final upon upload to Mozilla’s Fluxx portal.

Can I submit my Concept Note or Full Application on a mobile device?

Fluxx is not mobile friendly. Plan to complete your application using a laptop or desktop computer.

I have trouble accessing the FLUXX system. Is there another way to submit my Concept Note or Full Application?

If you are working from a low bandwidth environment, or if you need a plain-text version of the Call for Proposal application, please download it here. You can use this offline application as a reference to prepare your answers and then copy them into Fluxx when you are ready.

What budget template should I use for my application?

If your application is shortlisted after the concept note phase, we will ask you to submit a full proposal and include a budget. Please download this Budget Template to complete and attach to your application.

Tips for Using Fluxx:

  • Required fields in the application are marked with an asterisk*.
  • Fluxx uses a character count system. Spaces are considered characters. To avoid copy-and-paste issues, it may be easiest to type your answers directly into the Fluxx application.
  • Only click the ‘Submit’ button when the page is complete. Once you submit, you will no longer be able to edit.

Who are the funders of the Catalyst Fund?

The Catalyst Fund has received contributions from Ford Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, Luminate and Internet Society Foundation.

How is the fund managed?

The Catalyst Fund is managed and advised by the Green Screen Coalition, and hosted by Mozilla Foundation.

What is the review process and who will review my application?

After a preliminary eligibility check, all the eligible applications will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee. The Committee consists of Green Screen Co-Leads and Junior Program Manager, the Fund host (Mozilla), selected contributing funders, and community members. The size of the advisory committee will reflect the volume of incoming concept notes to be reviewed.

A smaller subset of reviewers, the decision-making body of the Advisory Committee, will review the full proposals and decide on the portfolio shortlist. In case of disagreement, the full proposal will be sent to the larger Advisory Committee for feedback and tie breaking vote.

How much funding is available?

There is enough currently for 12 grants that will range from $10,000 to $40,000 USD available.

How many projects will be accepted per tier?

We don’t have a set number of projects that will be funded for each tier. It depends on the applications we receive and the decisions of the review committee. We plan on a mix of all three.

Does the funding have to be spent in the 2024 calendar year? Or before the end of February 2025, as in a 12-month grant period?

It does not have to be spent within 2024. The grant period will be 12 months or less, depending on the timeline of each project, and funding is expected to be spent within the duration of the project.

What is the reporting obligation if we were selected as a grantee?

Grantees are required to submit financial reporting and a narrative report. The format of the latter will be discussed and mutually agreed upon between the grantee and the Catalyst Fund team.