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Green Screen Coalition

— A catalyst in making visible the climate implications of technology by supporting emerging on-the-ground work, building networks, and embedding the issue area within philanthropy.

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Green Screen Catalyst Fund

The Green Screen Catalyst Fund catalyzes ideas of individuals, organizations, and networks on the specific issues around climate justice and digital rights.

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Explore the library and learn about the work of network members and grantees, and key issues in the intersection of climate justice and digital rights.

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Catalyst Fund: Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered before you apply for the Catalyst Fund. (Last updated: October 26, 2023)

Can individuals apply for these grants?

Yes. Choose “Individual” in the question of applicant type.

We are not registered as a (not-for-profit) organisation. Can we still apply?

Yes. Please see which scenario applies to you.

  1. If you do not have a legal entity, you can apply as an individual for the Spark grant totalling 10.000 USD.
  2. If you or your group has a tax status that is not an NGO, you can apply for the Spark grant totalling 10.000 USD OR the Seed grant totalling 20.000 USD.
  3. If you or your group wants to use a Fiscal Host, you can apply for the Spark grant totalling 10.000 USD, the Seed grant totalling 20.000 USD, and the Build grant totalling 40.000 USD.

Our organization type is not specifically mentioned in the eligibility criteria. Can we still apply?

Only individuals and not-for-profit organizations are eligible for funding via this grant opportunity. If you are unsure whether you qualify or if your case is context-specific, please reach out to us at

We have multiple projects that fit your criteria well. Would you consider multiple applications from the same organization?

Yes, we will consider separate applications from the same individual/ organization/ network/ collaborative. You would, however, need to submit each project as a separate application in Fluxx. Kindly also be aware that it is highly unlikely that we will give more than one grant to any one applicant, including larger institutions.

What do we mean by majority territory, global north and Indigenous nations?

We use the term majority territory to refer to those communities, locations, countries and regions that are disproportionately impacted by environmental and climate harms that result from extractive industries, colonial practices, and oppressive policies that originate from and profit a few located in the Global North. The Global North refers to those nations and actors that benefit from these harms and oppressive policies, as there is no state-based wealth accumulation in the Global North that comes without these extractive industries described above. Global North doesn’t refer to a strictly geographic north.

We use the term ‘Indigenous nations’ and ‘Indigenous Peoples’ to acknowledge the political rights asserted in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the rights they hold via internationally recognised agreements with nation-states.

Is there any geographical restriction? For example, is it OK to apply from the EU - or are the global north countries discouraged from applying?

The only restriction we have is that we are prohibited from funding entities subject to sanctions by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control. We welcome proposals globally as long as they address the context-specific needs of the region.

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